Rote Rebsorten

Acolon - fine fruit, good structure

This red wine variety grown in Weinsberg in Württemberg has gained a place in the German red wine range within a few years.

As early as 1971, the vine growers in Weinsberg successfully bred Acolon from crossing Lemberger and Dornfelder. However, it was only at the beginning of this century that the cultivar was experimentally grown on almost 100 hectares at 500 locations. Since then it has been cultivated on 460 hectares of vineyards by the Federal Office for Plant Variety Protection, mainly in Württemberg, but also in the Pfalz, in Rheinhessen, Franconia and Baden.

Acolon ripens very early, achieving a high color intensity and remarkable must weights. In addition to fine fruit flavors, the wines have a good structure and length, yet often only a subtle tannin note. Some of the aging takes place in barriques. Depending on the style of expansion, the wines go well with meat dishes that are not too heavy or strong.